Nick Brigg


My name is Nick Brigg, I am 32 years old and live in Lochem. I am co-founder of Vebri Work together with my partner Tom. Seven years ago I came into contact/infected with job placement during my Social Care studies. I stopped my studie because I am a practical man and that is how I started in job placement. I have had various positions within the job placement in sales and on the recruitment side. The first year I was mainly busy recruiting new customers, training our recruiter Julia and together with Tom creating and executing a strategy to turn Vebri Work into an growing organization.

I get energy from placing people in the right place and building and maintaining customer relationships. I also like to see how everyone is developing within Vebri Work. I like meeting the customer’s demand as well as possible with qualified and competent personnel. I also enjoy expanding Vebri Work and leading and enthusing the intern team. Within more than five years I hope to have made many customers happy and still work with a fun and reliable team! My strengths are my enthusiasm, drive, humor and commercial insight. I am a commercial person who works hard but also finds humor very important. You can wake me up for a vacation to Southeast Asia. My motto is: you can’t live a positive life with a negative attitude.

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